Fast or feast?


In Israel it is common to have periods for fasting. The exception is when someone attends a wedding dinner. That’s what Jesus meant. When he is around you don’t fast.

When Jesus mentioned that when he is away, the disciples fast he wasn’t talking about today. He meant the 3 days he was crucified and buried. If you look at the resurrection accounts with his disciples he would tell them to eat.

What about now? Many people tell you, you will be married to Jesus at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

I don’t believe that is true. In Romans 7 Paul speaks about the fact as Jews they were married to the Law. Christ provided a death for you to be separated from the Law without breaking it.

In fact he says we already belong to another. We are actually already married to Jesus. Paul even speaks about children resultant from the marriage. You are already bearing fruit for God.

Romans 7:4
4 So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God.

Hence the bridegroom is perpetually with you. When that happens you don’t fast. You feast.

The marriage of the Lamb took place when the Law was removed. That happen when the temple which was the foundation of the Law was burned down. You are already his bride.

Perhaps the confusion is created by how we are often thought of the idea that “God with us” to mean as in he being on our side.

Emmanuel is a concept that is wrongly perceived. Many think it means he is alongside you. God has made himself one with you. He is in you around you and one with you. That’s how he is with you.

He has infused His Son with you. Through Jesus the divine and the natural became one. You are now in that Christ. He joined you with the Godhead.

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