Meeting Jesus in the air.


There has been some misunderstandings in relevance to my studies.

In my new gained understanding, I have said that there is an old “heaven and earth” as well as a new “heaven and earth”. What I have meant to say is that this is a Hebrew terminology for the temple. The old temple resides in Jerusalem and the new temple being the body of believers.

Here is what I did not say. I did not say there is no heaven. Neither did I say there is no hell. It is clear Jesus ascended to heaven. The rich man was in hell.

I also did not say there is no bodily resurrection. I did say however you are transformed from glory to glory when the Law is finally removed.

I also am saying the “meeting in the air” that Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 4 is not in aerial spaces but in the heavenly places. That transformation refers not to the resurrection but the transformation from Adam to Christ.

It refers to the end of the age of the Law and the actual inhabiting of The Lord of Host on his people.

Now do I believe in a physical resurrection? Yes. I think 1st Corinthians covers that.

I also did not say “Jesus is not coming for the church”. I did however Jesus has already come as he promised in Matthew 24 in the clouds. Will he return for the Gentiles? Personally I believe so.

Will there be a 666 in the future? This is my view and it is a view. My answer is “no”. I believe you can read 666 into anything.

This has been my journey so far. I have been changed from mixture to grace. From old heaven to new heaven. I am no longer in Adam but in Jesus. I am in a very good place. Until then this is where I am.

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