10 things you need to know before you read your Bible.

What means what in the Bible. The Bible made simple.

1. Heaven and earth is the temple. The new heaven and earth is you.

2. Sun moon and stars is about Israel. It’s about Joseph’s dream.

3. Satan refers to anything which forms an objection to God’s wills or plans. This includes the old covenant, Job’s oppressor, Israel, the Pharisees and etc. He is not a fallen angel.

4. The air is not the spiritual realm. It’s actually the temple. As such being caught in the air means replacing the priests and the Jewish leaders as the guardians of the temple. They were the guardians of the spirit which is at work against those where disobedient.

5. The prince of darkness and of this world is the high priest. He is the keeper of the law. Darkness is often a reference to Mount Sinai which was covered with darkness.

6. The children of darkness and of disobedience and the term unbelievers are the old covenant Jews who refused to leave Jerusalem. They are not children of Satan or demons. They are also not non -Christians.

7. The terms “remnant, chosen ones, the generation“ has nothing to do with you. They refer to the first generation of Christians at Jesus’s time. It’s also the 144000 mentioned in Revelation 7.

8. Confessing Jesus is Lord is not for today. It’s a confession which was relevant when Caesar is Lord was pronounced. It’s also a reference to Isaiah 45:23-24 which states,

By myself I have sworn,

my mouth has uttered in all integrity

a word that will not be revoked:

Before me every knee will bow;

by me every tongue will swear.

They will say of me, ‘In the Lord alone

are deliverance and strength. ’”

All who have raged against him

will come to him and be put to shame.

It means trusting Jesus as their saviour and not the Law. That’s the context of Romans 10:9.

9. When the Bible speaks about the “present time”, it is not about the 21st century. It is referring to the transition period when the Law became obsolete and finally faded away. It was between AD30 to AD70. Its also called the “present age”.

10. When the scriptures speaks about the “flesh”, it is not speaking about your sinful nature. It’s speaking about people trying to please God by their human effort through the old covenant. You were never a sinner. You were born after AD70, after the Law ended. You were born in the age of grace. You were born righteous.

I hope these 10 points change the way you look at scriptures.

I have spoken. This is the way.

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