The indwelling of God and the heresy of the 3rd temple.

One of the things we must note about Genesis is that God created the world in 6 days.

These 6 days can be seen as 2 sets of 3 days.

Now on the 1st day God made light and night. Note on the 2nd set of the 3 days God filled the light with the sun and the night with moon and stars.

God created the sky, sea and earth on the 2nd day. Now on the 2nd day of the second 3 days, God filled it with creatures of the sea and creatures of the skies.

On the 3rd day God form vegetation and plants, the lowest form of life. On the 6th he made the beasts of the ground and the highest form of life, humans.

You see God is always filling things with better and higher things.

What people don’t realise that God wanted to fill humans with something higher on the day of rest.


Since the fall the human mind had always looked at God as being alienated.

It took God centuries to change the mindset of man and through the outward appearance filled man with Himself after the cross.


What was the “outward appearance” I was talking about?

The baptism of the Spirit and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

These were the perfect “signs” that God had finally completed creation by Himself filling men.


The whole plan of God was to do this. Being one with us.


Any teaching that God is rebuilding a 3rd temple so that He will dwell with men here in a temple is the most blasphemous heresy of all.

Revelation 21:22

And I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.

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