The creation was about the meaning of life. Not it’s science.

Many of you would probably not know that Genesis was written Israel was held in captivity by the Babylonians.

Now it may be interesting to you to note that according to the Babylonians, the world and its creation was form by the dead remains of a Babylonian God who was destroyed in violence by another God. It was formed in violence.

This story made its way into the culture of the Jews and were beginning to affect their view of the world. A world where the strong punish the weak and where violence was the language of the day.

It was then what was passed from Moses by mouth was finally penned down in a poem a song a poetry. The Hebrew version of creation.

The beautiful poem resonates with creative life and joy. It finishes each line with “it is good”. It closes with “it is very good”.

Thus the Jews introduced into the Babylonian culture it’s version of creation. One with life and joy.

Many years later, the same creator added a finishing touch to this poem.

He said “It is finished”. He brought that creation to an end.

Then he said, “Behold I make all things new”. This new creation is even infused with more joy, more creativity and more life.

His life.

Through the resurrection.

It is a creation that was created with the power of overcoming death.

That is how you are brought into this world.


    1. No. Moses did not write Genesis. The book of Genesis is not a book. It’s the beginning of 4 books.

      In fact it ends with a coma before it continues to Exodus and then finally ends with Numbers.

      It would have fascinating to see how Moses could have written about his death and calling himself the most humble man on earth.


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