Jesus did not die to appease God’s wrath.

When Adam sinned against God, the idea of God’s wrath possessed him. God hence killed a lamb to appease this fear Adam had.

He did it to remove Adam’s idea that God would punish him. God even clothed Adam to prove to him, that he was no longer naked or exposed.

This was done so that Adam would have no guilt. Nor any reason to fear his Father. That’s why God only did it once.

If God really wanted to punish sin, why cover Adam? Why not expose him?

Sadly Adam saw this as a way to appease God’s justice and had to be over and over again. So he created a system to appease God by bringing a sacrifice over and over again.

Some of you may say God demanded it from Cain and Abel as well. Well he really didn’t. They brought it to Him because they were already fixed in their fallen mentality.

Hence God endured this human created system of worship until God dealt with this issue on the cross. It took many years and ages.

You see God never demanded sacrifices.

Hebrews 10:8

When he said above, “You have neither desired nor taken pleasure in sacrifices and offerings and burnt offerings and sin offerings” (these are offered according to the law),

It was the Law which demanded it. God gave us the law because we wanted to be judged on merit.

Hence God was never angry with man. It was man’s guilt that created the wrath of God. When Jesus died, God wanted to show man that despite all that is done to him, He still loved them. He still forgave them.

He had hope that their sense of “justice” would be appeased in that God would die for their sins. God had hope this would bring an end of this fear of Him. Through the cross He announced to the whole world that to end evil, one must repay evil with good.

The wrath of God was the seed that led to the wrath of man. In receiving the “wrath of God” upon Himself, He had hope man would realize what a ridiculous concept it would be to have “the wrath of God” be placed upon His most beloved.

Why? So that man may see “the wrath of God” is an illusion created by the fall. Why? So that they may know that God so loved us that He sends His Son to suffer “His wrath”.

Colossians 1:21

Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your MINDS because of your evil behavior.

Isaiah says Jesus was not stricken but that he was considered stricken. Why? So that we would see God’s anger ending on His Son. It’s final. It’s over. He wanted that illusion to die.

Face it folks. God was never mad with you. It was religion that was mad with you.

That ended in AD70.


  1. I hate to burst your bubble but their are clear verses that would negate what yoi saying.

    We were once OBJECTS OF WRATH Eph 2:3
    the Wrath of God is being revealed against wickedness of PEOPLE Romans 1:18

    Im all for radical grace and the new man but you need to know the whole council of God brother:)

    1. That’s because you don’t know how to read your Bible. You are reading the Bible from the mindset of mankind 2000 years ago and not from the point of progressive revelation.

    2. Verse 3 is how Jewish men view Gentiles. Verse 4 is about how God view Gentiles. Learn to read your Bible in context.

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