About Job and the bet.

One of the fundamental questions people ask if always about “how could allow the suffering of the innocent” especially as it is painted in the story of Job.

Only except many do not know it is the earliest book there is in scriptures. Like many stories found at that time, it resolves around a discussion of the gods around the fate of a man tested.

Such stories are common then. An example would the story of Zeus and his gods.


Are we suppose to say that Job as such contains a story that is fictional?


However, it would help us a lot to recognize that humans had that kind of thinking at that time.

Stories of how a human would determine a wager between good and evil were common then.

However it doesn’t represent who God was or is. Stories like that meant to portray that the gods were powerful and that men were also powerful and they influenced the gods. Sadly most of these gods were sadistic and far from the cries of the person being made the wager.

The story of Job brings an evolution to that thought. There is a God who interfered and answered Job with questions. That’s unheard of. Then.

It’s like God said he is accountable to Job. Despite him not giving Job the answers that he wants, he somehow assured him that He is in control.

Now this is unheard at that period of time.

People. When you read the scriptures know that revelation is progressive. God in the eyes of men was not fully formed until very much later in civilization.

You cannot accept the pictorial painted by the old scriptures as the complete portrait of God.

Job was an advance from the stories of gods using men for their egos. It moved from a fake idea of gods who used men as chess pawns to a God who was involved with men and held himself accountable to men.

Now that’s a revolution in theology at their time not ours. Today he lives and breathes through us. We are his body. We are his temple and we are his mind. He is more involved than ever before. He loves us with even greater fury and passion.


  1. How do you mean that God is “accountable” to us? I know you don’t mean any such blasphemy as suggesting that God is somehow bound or controlled by our actions, but to my understanding, God does what He does because it is right, and because it pleases Him(The distinction possibly only existing in our limited minds), including keeping His promises and giving to those who ask Him in faith. He answers those who seek Him because it is His nature, but I don’t see how that implies anything like accountability. Could you explain?

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