How faith righteousness came about. 

One of the fundamental things we are mistaken about is this. That it takes faith in God to have righteousness credited to you. 

This concept was introduced in the scripture here. 

Genesis 15:6
Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

So it’s there. Belief. See it’s so clear. Or is it?

The problem with many of us is that we don’t read our Bibles with a time machine. 

Now imagine you are in a De Lorean (time machine) and you take a journey to the ancient times of Abraham. You land in a land covered with sand and a land filled with idols. 

You will probably find your neighbour telling you not to piss off the gods. The gods then were very like Bruce Banner. Always angry. 

Hence to appease the Hulking gods you have to sacrifice or give them something. In the case of wanting to have kids, sacrifice a baby. Crazy right? 

Then you have the God of Abraham. A God that simply says just believe me and I will be happy and will give you land, money, kids and everything else. 

Except the word “believe” is said In a different tone. It’s more like “trust me”. 
Now. Why “trust me”? 


To Abraham every god he met says “serve me”, “fear me”, “worship me”. Yet the God who created this world in joy says “We are cool. Trust me”. 
In other words the “trust me” part is more like “I am not like the other gods”. 

Now do you get it? That’s how faith righteousness started. 

Today we have a different concept even in the circle of grace. We tell people if you don’t have faith in Jesus you go to hell. 

Now how is that different from the gods Abraham used to worship? How is that different from the archaic theology that Abraham was saved from? 

While the old gods hurled their anger at this revolutionary idea, we label people who believe this version of God universalists and inclusionists. 

Always read your Bible through the eyes of the character which the Bible focuses on. Not you. 

After all God expressed himself through that person’s experience. That’s why we celebrate Abraham and not you. 

By the way the God of Abraham invites you the same way. 
“Chill bro. We are cool.”

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