The ABC of futurist intellectual suicide. 

Someone says its intellectual suicide to believe everything in Revelation is fulfilled. 

Everything in Revelation is fulfilled. However not everything you think you believe what Revelation is, is fulfilled.

This is because you think:

A) The Angels and Demons are actually angels and demons when they actually mean messengers;

B) The devil is a huge red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns;

C) A mountain is actually going to throw itself into the sea;

D) Jesus is going to return like a giant and have 2 huge feet on one mountain each;

E) Chariots will appear in the skies when even humans are using projected guided missiles with nuclear warheads as their weapons. 

F) The world is going to be destroyed and yet Jesus asked to flee to mountains. What other mountains are when they is no more planet earth?

G) When the term “no more tears and death” is actual no grave and no death despite it being quoted in Isaiah to mean the new covenant;

H) We are going to rise from the grave in the far future despite Moses and Elijah appearing to Jesus and Abraham Isaac and Jacob pronounced as alive at the time Jesus was on earth; 

I) Believing that Revelation is about a book of life for the whole world despite it being a Jewish book;

J) There will be a third temple when John says the tribulation has started in Revelation 1:9 in his day. So John would to have appear in the future to measure a 3rd temple;

K) Locusts are helicopters despite Joel 2 and Revelation 9 clearly points to you they are the Romans. 

L) Believe the heavens sun moon and stars are going to collapse one day. By the way it seems to happen every year. 

M) There is actually going to a 1000 year reign of the Lord and he is actually going to let Satan loose just for the heck of it;

N) Throw people into the lake of fire by judging them of their works despite the new covenant teaching us we are judge by our belief;

O) Allow the beast and his false prophet to test Christians if they are faithful and true despite absolutely forgiven on the cross, to see if they bear the mark 666 on the forehead. So in a moment of unfaithfulness when do, they are thrown into the lake of fire;

P) Actually believe the whole wide world is going to unite under one faith. Try asking ISIS that; 

Q) Believe that almost every United States president to be the beast; 

R) Teaching people to believe in grace and yet asking people to support the building of a 3rd temple to house a coming anti Christ;

S) Believing one day is actually 1000 years; 

T) Believing an actual new heaven and a new earth would happen and yet believing you are the temple and believe yet another one will be build when God says he doesn’t live in one build by human hands; I lost count how many temples are there; 

U) Believing thousands will die because of plane crashes, train crashes when suddenly people are taken away;

V) Believing that Hollywood is now making movies about aliens taking people away as a conspiracy to convince people it’s aliens who took people away and not rapture;

W) Believing the word “soon” means 2000-3000 years when it actually means 3-5 years. After all John when writing 1 John 2 says it’s already the last hour;

X) Believing Jesus actually riding on a white horse coming when we don’t use horses anymore since 2000 years ago;

Y) Believing God will throw people into the lake of fire and yet in chapter 22 of Revelation still have sinners outside the new Jerusalem;

Z) Believing the size of new Jerusalem to be the size of New York and yet contain all the people who are saved. 
With the deepest respect to you, who is the one committing intellectual suicide?

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