10 things Christians ignore when they read the Bible. 

I found most believers, when confronted with something they have been previously wrong taught, tell you I would rather believe in the Bible and God than you. 

I have also noticed this.

1. They have no idea of who the Bible was written to. 

2. When was it written?

3. Under what circumstances were the books or letters were written?

4. Do not know there are historical documents to show light as to what happened. 

5. Have no idea why the Bible is arranged in the current canon order. 

6. Does not take into consideration the customs of that time. 

7. Have no idea that the scriptures are written in different expressions. 

8. Don’t check it with Hebrew or Greek. 

9. Assume their pastor is always right. 

10. Have just one translation of the Bible. 

These are the most difficult people to teach. By the way I just told you how I read my Bible. 

I must have a different Bible from yours.  


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