AD70: So what?


Someone ask me what’s the relevance of AD70. Well here’s a list of things which don’t affect me anymore. 

1. The 4 blood moons aligning 15/9/2015. You can transfer all your property to me now, since you believe the world is going to end on that day. 

2. The crazy prophecy of global meltdown. My business seem to be doing very well. I think while people are saying there is a meltdown in currency, I am pretty sure they are not American or Singaporean. 

3. The crazy trumpets heard all over the world. Try watching the movie “Red State”. You would notice it is a sound track from that movie. 

4. Repent for Jesus is coming soon. Repent from that thought, Jesus has returned. He is in you.

5. Microchips in your hand. 666 is a guy who lived 2000 years ago. The mark of the beast was to enter the Agoda. 

6. Israel rebuilding the temple. Forget it. God already build another temple. It’s the body of the believers. 

7. The physical resurrection. I am already resurrected and seated in the heavenly realms. 

8. Whether my name is written in the book of life. Well it’s not. It’s a Jewish book. I am not a Jew. 

9. Tithing. It’s after AD70. You are now the royal priest. People should tithe to me. The tithe was to be given to the priest for their support and income. So please pay me. 

10. The Antichrist. Please if you see a Gnostic call him that. 

Happy Wednesday.

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