Why is there no more sea in the New Heaven and New Earth?

Revelation 21:1
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

Many people read this verse thinking that the world is going to be landed place in the future. 

Actually many people do not realise that “heaven, earth and sea” are representations of the Holy of Holies, the Holier place and the Holy place. 

When the Bible speaks about the sea disappearing it does not mean there is now no more water. 

It just means the new Temple has no need of the Holy place. 
Why is that?

The Holy Place is where the sacrifices are killed before they are brought to the Holier place and finally the Holy of Holies. 

Jesus is the perfect sacrifice who ended that system of sacrifice. Hence there is no need for the Holy place. 

The real temple is a living sacrifice. The reason is because it is the house of God. Romans 12 tells us we are this living sacrifice. 

You are the new Temple. You are the Holy of Holies. That is where God dwells. He dwells in you. 

You are the Holier place. This is because that’s where the priest operates. 

You therefore are the New Heaven and Earth. There is no more need for sea.
Post script

For those of you who asked me “Where it is stated that the Temple was Heaven, Earth and Sea?”

Please note that it is not specifically written there. However this is the common expression of the Jews. 

Here’s an excerpt from Josephus a Jewish historian who lived within the generation of the last days before the fall of Jerusalem. 

“However, this proportion of the measures of the tabernacle proved to be an imitation of the system of the world: for that third part thereof which was within the four pillars, to which the priests were not admitted, is, as it were, a Heaven peculiar to God…” Josephus, Antiquities, Book 3, Chapter 6, Paragraph 4, Section 123).

“When Moses distinguished the tabernacle into three parts, and allowed two of them to the priests as a place accessible to the common, he denoted the land and the sea, these being of general access to all; but he set apart the third division for God, because heaven is inaccessible to men” Josephus, Antiquities, Book 3, Chapter 7, Paragraph 7, Section 181).

Heaven was accessible to the High Priest. 
Earth the Priests. 
Sea the common people. 

Today we have all become royal priests. It is not just limited to the Levites. 

Hence there is no more Sea. We have become the Temple. We are the New Heaven and Earth.


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