Only God can find fault with the Law and He did. 

Did you know that it was God who found fault with the Old Covenant? 

You must understand you will never be able to do so. That’s because you are not qualified. That’s because it’s the Old Covenant that would find fault with you. The Old Covenant is the Law. How can you thus find fault with it?

Hence only one greater than the Law can find fault with it. Also you cannot find fault with the Law on the basis of merit or by earning your way around it. 

You can only do so because you are more perfect than the Law. So if so one would chose to find fault with the very thing that find fault with you, it has to be because of one reason. 

Love. God found fault with the Law of Moses because of love. So it’s all about grace. Nothing but grace. No merit. Now earning. Pure unmerited grace.

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