What can we learn from Abraham about the covenants?


The life of Abraham is one of great interest. He married the love of his life. He was promised children while he was married to the love of his life despite she was barren.

He then took on another woman to have a child despite he had the love of his wife and the promise of his child through the love of his life.

When God dealt with this dysfunctional problem he told Abraham to take care of Hagar and Ismael until the day he died.

At the same time he was told to provide for Sarah and Isaac even after his death. His estate was Sarah and Isaac’s.

In other words his obligation to Hagar was financial and base on supply.

His obligation to Sarah was one of love and base on the promise.

Today we are very much like Abraham. Paul calls Hagar the law. Sarah grace. Hagar the old Jerusalem. Sarah the new Jerusalem.

I want you to know something here. You have died in Christ. You have no more obligation to Hagar. The law and the old Jerusalem.

However your obligation continues with Sarah the love of your life. One that is united because of love. Your obligation is to embrace the New Covenant.

While Abraham’s love of his life was Sarah. We are the love of Jesus’s life.

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