The twinkling of an eye.


The blink of an eye, happened when the temple was destroyed. When that happened you became the temple.

The blink of an eye is a term used in a Jewish marriage.

After the husband goes through the betroth ceremony, he goes back with his father to prepare a place for her in the husband’s father’s house.

The wife thus awaits the husband’s return. However she hangs here wedding gown in her room always awaiting the husband’s return.

When the room is ready the father will tell the son to get the wife. He then sends his best man to inform the wife. The best man will carry a trumpet and sound it.

When the wife hears the trumpet she drops everything she does. In a twinkling of an eye she would put on her wedding dress and be ushered by the best man to meet her approaching husband in the middle of that town.

They adjourned to a wedding feast that would last for 7 days.

The groom will take a year long Sabbatical and be with the wife.

Now in AD 70 Rome destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem. This incident was prophesied in Joel 2 which began with the sounding of a trumpet.

Once the temple and the old Jerusalem, a new temple and a new Jerusalem came into being immediately.

The term “heaven and earth” is actually the Hebrew way of saying the temple. Once the old “heaven and earth” was destroyed we became the new “heaven and earth”.

Revelation records for us in chapter 22 tells us that the father and the son will come down and live among men.

Jesus said in john 14 my father and I will come and make you our home.

Today you are no longer seated on earth but the heavenly realms. Once judgement was served on Jerusalem in AD70 the body of Christ became the New Jerusalem. The new bride.

That’s how you were changed by a twinkling of an eye.


  1. What about the dead in Christ?

    “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

    How do they fit into this view?

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