Truth does not change. It’s expression does.


Recently I explained on a note on “head covering” that the principle remained but the custom had changed. It’s equivalent to wearing your ring in church.

Someone wrote to me and accused me of changing God’s scared symbols.

I just thought I may show you some stuff that has changed symbolically but yet the principles remain in tact.

The bread and the wine had replaced the Passover. The lamb is taken no more. The bread and the wine now represents the true lamb and his blood.

In the early turn of the 20th century the British would used gloves to slap a person on his cheeks to challenge a person to a duel. In Jesus’ day they slap the people on the right cheek by using a right hand. It is done as a back or reverse slap.

Thirdly, Christians do not get themselves circumcised to prove they are Abraham’s descendants. The are already circumcised from top to bottom when they died in Christ. In fact there is a change in the baptisms. John baptised people to repent from their sins. Paul baptised people as them being already dead to sin.

“Heaven and earth” in Jesus’ day referred to the Temple. Today you are the temple of God. Hence you are the new “heaven and earth”.

I seriously think we have a closet mentality. It is this kind of mindset that prevents us from seeing that truth is eternal but customs and the manner truth expresses itself changes.

I mean seriously. Think about this when Ruth asked Boaz to marry her, he went to a closer relative and offered her to that closer relative.

He refused her and gave Boaz his shoe. So Boaz carries the shoe in his hand and runs home to Ruth and says “let’s get married”. Seriously I submit to you, your girlfriend will go bonkers if you do that.

Here’s a tip. Buy a ring and some flowers. Also get a video from the closer relative of his blessings to your girlfriend on your iPhone.

Truth does not change. The manner it expresses itself does. That’s because we progress.

Here’s the link to the previous article:

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