What our sub-conscious mind tells us about God.


Here’s something to think about.

Have you ever feel bad about something you did? It usually makes you feel so bad that you have to confess to.

The question is this. Who do you go to confess it? Someone who makes you feel worst or someone whom you know that will make you feel better?

One that condemns you or someone who comfort you?

Who do you usually go to? When I was under mixture, the person I go to is the Father.

I had thought I better pay my dues before him before he punishes me. Although I no longer believe so, I am fascinated by how my subconscious mind thinks.

It drew me to God.

Remember what I said earlier: that you gravitate to a person who comforts you rather than a person that condemns you.

Let me ask you a question. We usually feel terrible when we messed up, then we go and cry our eyes out before God and repent over sackcloth and ashes (I no longer do that), how do we feel after the “session” with God?

Do you feel better or worse?

The interesting fact is this. If God is brimstone and fire would you feel better? You won’t. Don’t believe me? Try hanging around with an angry man all the time. You live under stress waiting for the next moment he loses his temper.

You feel better because He is better. He is good. He is love. He is mercy.

What your sub-conscious mind is saying to you is that that’s the person to go to.

Yet sometimes we allow a certain interpretation or teaching to cloud what God has placed in our deepest part of our spirit.

That’s why Jesus came. He came to show us that when he died on that cross, we too died with him. We must see that the person on that cross is us too. That this crazy need to punish ourselves is now a done deal. We too were placed on that cross. Jesus died once. So did we. Once and for all.

The Gospel of Grace this cuts through our impoverished thinking that God is out to get us for our sins and changes our mindset to believe that he has come to receive us despite of our sins.

That is why Paul call this Gospel his Gospel.


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