Death is just a new beginning.


We must understand that death is not the end of all things. It is the end of all things OLD.

However it is the beginning of all things NEW. I used to think that when we die we will go to heaven and as such we will have to wait for that day to be united with those who has gone before us.

That is not a biblical thought. The scriptures do not make such assumptions.

Our God is a God of the living. Not the dead. Hence when he said “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, he was actually saying Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has already been resurrected.

We see Abraham alive and well when Lazarus was brought to his side.

We see Elijah and Moses well at the Mount of Transfiguration.

As such they are alive. They could appear and disappear at the same time.

However I do not believe that they are confine to our traditional view of heaven which is “up there”.

Having thought hard and long about this issue, I am convinced when a person passes on, he takes on the form of spirit. He enters his true self. He became a more real entity. This is because what is real is actually unseen.

Hence when a person escapes his body, he is a truer form. A closer form.

I believe as such there is a part of “heaven” to not only mean a better place but also a dimension of higher things and realities. Hence the use of words “above” and “eternal”.

This is true when we see the dragon cast down in heaven in Revelation and Jesus seeing Satan being cast down when he sends the disciples two by two.

What happened on earth echoes in heaven. It is a such a similar event that happen in both time and eternity.

While you think that I am quoting Gladiator, it’s true that “what we do here on earth echoes into eternity”. It is also true the other round.

I think the best way for me to describe what happens to us when we die is to see the final act of show “interstellar” when the hero entered the black hole.

Spoiler alert.

He was transported back into his room. Except he was in another dimension. He could see himself. His daughter. But they could not see him.

So I believe Moses and Elijah were brought in to show us they are more alive than ever and they could move within dimensions. (Please note I aware that Elijah was never dead. The question here is this why didn’t he aged at all?)

So this what I want to say to those who have lost loved ones.

You are not alone. In fact your loved ones has been transformed. You may not recognize them but they see you and recognized you. They are even closer to you as they are in a glorified form. They are with you around you but in another dimension.

In this sense God has not taken away your loved one but has transformed him into a greater form, one which is able to with in you in a different but deeper way.

I believe it co-exist with our world.

This is true especially of Jesus. The disciples could not recognize him until he allowed them to. Usually by the calling of our names.

Hence when we lose a saint, we actually gain him back. Except that it is more of him. He is now able to dwell among you in a deeper reality.

You may think that I am weird. I am not. The word tells me Jesus was with me before he died. Jesus said he will be in me when he went back to the Father.

He IS in me now. How is that possible you may ask? That is possible because heaven and earth is joined but in different side of dimensions.

Jesus however is the bridge to these two. He could see what His Father was doing before he does it.

So what’s the point of all these?

Our love one has not left us nor abandoned us. They are actually closer to us. They now communicate to us within our spirit.

May that bless some of you.

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  1. Thank you sir,for this insightful update. I’ve been meditating on this phrase; Life is not the beginning of life and death is not the end but only the beginning. So this update is of more valuable to me.

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