The Father’s New House.


It is pertinent to note every word of scripture is written to bring us comfort.

When we read the words “fiery indignation and judgement awaiting the enemies of God”, we must note Hebrews 10:26-29 is talking about the abolishing of temple sacrifices and thereby the destruction of the Temple.

The Temple is often referred to as “the house of God”. It is his house. Correctly stated it was his house.

When Jesus came he said in my father’s house there are many rooms. What he meant that God’s house was now no longer going to be the Temple. He is saying that this new house is not only going to be occupied by just the Levitical priests.

Peter mentioned this when he said God’s new house is going to built by a royal priesthood. Not just by the Levitical priesthood but a priesthood which includes Gentiles.

The Temple is also called “heaven and earth”. This is because it is the place where heaven meets earth. Jesus said that “heaven and earth” will pass away. It did in AD70.

When the writer said the Temple will be destroyed God will not leave us nor forsake us.

This is because God’s new house is us. Paul calls us the Temple of Holy Spirit. Jesus said “my father and I will be in you”.

You see if the temple was the old “heaven and earth” then you are the new “heaven and earth”. You are the new temple.

That is what Jesus meant by “surely I will be with you always”.

God burnt his old house to move into his new house. It’s you.

That’s why he does not live in a house that is built by human hands. That is also what it means that you are God’s workmanship in Christ Jesus. You are now the Father’s house that has many rooms.

Now invite more people to this house of his. There are many rooms for them too.

Please share if this blessed you.


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