What if “I can’t endure till the end”?


There are a lot of passages about endurance. At first glance they seem to indicate that if you don’t endure to the end you will not be saved.

That is true.

If you are…

A. A Jew and,
B. You lived from the time Jesus came to the time the Roman soldiers destroyed Jerusalem under Titus.

The issue here is this. At the time Paul or the writer of Hebrew wrote these verses, the nation of Israel was going through a transition from the Law to Grace, from the Old Covenant to the New.

As such there were Jews who has just been converted that were suffering from the persecution from their fellow Jews. Very much like someone who left the Islamic faith in Arabic countries.

Hence many for the fear of persecutions turn back to the Law and went back to the temple sacrifices. The problem is this the temple was in Jerusalem and was the embodiment to Mount Sinai.

When they decided to do so, they were fearful of leaving Jerusalem a city dear to them. They had feared that if they leave Jerusalem they would lose their salvation and their God.

The writer of Hebrews hence challenge the Hebrew believers to as such not to “shrink back” or be like Esau who only look for temporal blessings.

Peter tells the Jews not to turn to vomit. In other words “don’t go back to the Law”. If they had they would have remained in Jerusalem.

In Hebrews the writer tells that Jerusalem is not an enduring city and that they would to go outside in chapters 12-13. He also assures them that God will “never leave them not forsake them” despite them leaving Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was invaded via a siege by Titus. Many who did not listened to Jesus, Paul, Peter and also the writer of Hebrews remained in Jerusalem and were trapped when Titus build a wall to keep the Jews from leaving Jerusalem.

Like the 5 unwise Virgins they were caught when the access to leave Jerusalem was closed. Without food coming in or out, the Jews could not trade without the permission of the Romans.

The emperor who ordered the massacre of Jerusalem was Nero. His name in Hebrew carries the number 666 and was known to his friends as the “beast”.

Hence they could not buy or sell without the authority of Nero whose Hebrew initials are 666.

So the Jews “who did not endure till the end” and turned back to the Law were locked in Jerusalem and were either starved to death or perished under fire in AD70.

Brothers and sisters. Those passages do not apply to you. There are for a generation which Jesus wept for when he entered Jerusalem in AD33.

Be at peace.


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