10 things to unlearn.


10 things we need to unlearn that has messed up our Christianity.

1. We are not going through a transition from Law to Grace. We are already in Grace. The Law ended in AD70. The transition period was from the coming of John the Baptist to the destruction of Jerusalem.

2. The New Jerusalem is not about heaven. It is about the passing of the old. Just like Noah who founded the new earth after the old that was destroyed by the flood. The new Jerusalem begins with the 144,000 that was preserved to start a new Jerusalem when the old one was destroyed by fire. That is why Jesus said the last days are like the days of Noah.

3. The “last days” are not about the end of the world. It is about the end of the Jews being under the Law. It is about the end of the Jewish Law and it’s temple and it’s city Jerusalem.

4. The elements that will be destroyed by fire is not planet earth. It is the temple and Jerusalem. The elements of the old Covenant. The term “heaven and earth” is not about heaven and earth. It is a reference to the Temple.

5. Being crucified with Jesus is not about suffering for him. It is about dying to the Old Covenant and embracing the New Covenant.

6. The Temple when it was destroyed did not house God or his angels. The temple that housed God was the community of believers at that time and of course presently, you.

7. You do not possess the sinful nature in you anymore. That has been cut away from you by Christ on the cross.

8. You are not just separated from the Law because you died in Christ. You are also free to marry Jesus because your (I mean, the Jews here) the Law also died in AD70.

9. The way to serve a living God is not to serve him with guilt or your sacrifices. Hebrews 9 and 10 tells you, you serve a living God by having a conscience of sins forgiven. Hence you serve God by telling people how you have been forgiven.

10. The term “dogs” in Philippians 3 refers not to Christians. It refers to “mutilators of the flesh”. When Paul said “we are the true circumcision”, he meant these “dogs” are promoting a circumcision that is useless. He was referring to the Pharisees and the Jews.

I hope that makes your day.

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