My thoughts on Revelation

My journey through the Book of Revelation has been a very enriching one. I thank those who have taken the journey with me. Though many have dissented, many are freed from an idea of the possibility of being left behind.

I have learned a few things which I would like to share and what has been impressed in my heart. I may not be correct here but I am ready to say:

1. It’s a book written to the Jews.

2. It’s about what would happen to Jerusalem in AD70.

3. The book of life contain the names of those who escaped the destruction of Jerusalem.

4. The remnant described by the Old Testament is the 144000 Hebrews who escaped the tribulation.

5. The mark 666 is the mark of the Roman Empire. The Jews were under a city siege by the Romans. Hence they couldn’t buy and sell without the permission of the Romans.

6. The “heaven, earth and sea” speaks about the old temple build by Herod and is to mean the most holy place, the holy place and the court yard. The new heaven and new earth hence is without the sea. The new heaven and new earth is your body and the gathering of the believers. You are the temple of God now.

7. The mark on the forehead of the 144,000 is not visible to the eye. Just like in Ezekiel 4:9 the mark is visible only to God and the angels.

8. The words “the whole world” does not mean the whole modern world. It means the Jewish world or the Roman world at that time.

9. When Jesus spoke about “the fires that do not quench” and the “worms that do not die” he wasn’t speaking about hell (thought I still believe in one) rather he was referring to the continual burning of the city by the Romans and the people who died in that fire.

10. The term “sun, moon and stars” actually refers to Israel as a whole. If derives from Joseph’s dream about Jacob, Leah and his brothers. So when the sun turn black, the moon turn red and the stars fall from the skies, it simply means Israel’s days are coming to an end.

11. I also realised we are not the perverse and wicked generation that Jesus talked about. He was speaking of the Jews of that day. That was also the generation which John talks about when he said “the ax is at the root of the tree.” That generation was the generation which died in AD 70.

12. I also learned from
Josephus that he actually sighted the coming of Jesus in the clouds when he saw chariots in the skies. Also that historians records for us that there was a shaking in the temple where the angels left making the temple a normal house. That was it meant by the “heavens are shaken”.

Now what does all these things mean for me?

1. The age of the Law is over whether you like it or not.

2. The people whose names are written in the book of life are Jews who entered into the New Covenant. We Gentile believers are already seated in the heavenly places. Book or not book. Hence whether your name is blotted out or not, it is immaterial.

3. There is no way you are going to lose your salvation. You cannot lose it because God cab bot leave you. He has no more temple to go back to. He burn the old one down so that He can’t go back. Hence “I will never leave you not forsake you”.

4. This also means you are the new temple. You have the ability to do what Jesus does. Heal. Cast down demons. Power over the elements. You don’t see these in your life because you think they are in an age to come. No it is already here. That’s why Paul says you are already reigning with him.

5. The devil is thus a creature of the Old Covenant. He has absolutely no power over you except when you chose to operate under the illusion of the old covenant.

6. We are of the greatest of generations. We are the generations who are dressed with the righteousness of Jesus. We are highly favoured. Greatly blessed and deeply loved.

I am only at chapter 7. I can’t wait to finish. I know now I am thoroughly saved.

Will you not join me?



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