The Cure for Lukewarmness.

Many of us read the message to Laodicea and think Jesus is speaking about believers losing their salvation.

The problem in that city was that they had no water. So they build water trenches to transport water from nearby town. The problem was that by the time the water reach Laodicea the water was no longer cool and refreshing but was lukewarm.

Though time there was resonance of minerals in the trenches. The water that was pure then became contaminated and not fit for drinking. One taste and you would want to spit it out.

Jesus was not saying he is going to kick you out of heaven. He is saying that the church has contaminated the Gospel in the church and had mixed it with the resonance of the Old Covenant.

So the water was no good. Many people fail to realize Jesus then say he was going to sup with them.

The supper or dinner was the most important time of the day for a Jew. It is the time he spends with his loved ones. It is the private time of the family. Jesus is as such saying the church is the most precious of all things to him.

So he is saying he is here to prepare the supper. The dinner. He prepares the dinner. He prepares the beverage. He is here to change our lukewarm water that brings thirst to free flowing wine of the Spirit.

The book of Revelation does not teach that we can lose our salvation. It teaches us of a Jesus who keeps us protected and safe.

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