You are the light of the world.

What did Jesus mean by “you are the light of the world”?

This is my take. One of the items which is taken to mean as light is the Menorah.

It is where the old temple receive light in the holier place. I believe Jesus was saying that you are the Menorah.

It was then, a prophetic statement that God will no longer live in the old temple but in you.

When Jesus died the temple veil was torn down. That means God had left the Holy of Holies.

God today dwells in you. In the Old temple there are two lights. One is the sekinah the glory of God. Then there is the Menorah. In the book of Revelation it’s call the lamp stand. You will realize that the lamp stands surround Jesus. It is the church. The “called out ones”.

So you are the reflection of his glory. If he is the Sun you are the Moon. 2nd Cor. 3. When the veil (the Law) is removed, you reflect him as a mirror. You are changed from glory to glory.

Please share it. Heaven is not in the future. It’s now. It’s in you.


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