Hebrews Roots Movement: Arrogance and Ignorance.


Just saw this statement on Facebook by a member of the Hebrews Root Movement in ‎ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDS BARRED BIBLE TALK

“Christians, you are a joke. I am still waiting for any Christian to talk about Matthew 5:18,19. I am still waiting for a Christian to tell us when heaven and earth passed away. I am still waiting for a Christian to talk about Matthew 7:21-23 or Matthew 19:17 or Revelation 12:17 or Revelation 14:12. When you bring up these verses you will always get the same response from Christians – silence. They cannot explain these verses so they always ignore them and thousands of other verses that destroy their false doctrines. Christians – You have no right to participate in any discussion of Yah’s words until you are willing to look at all Scriptures.”


I am not a member of the group but I believe that is the position of the Hebrews Root Movement. They believe Christians are still under the Law of Moses and the 10 commandments. Well I am not silent. I have been explaining all these, just that you have not been listening. This is for the benefit for those who want to learn more:

Matthew 5:18,19: “Since heaven and earth is still here, So is the Law”

Here is my answer:




Matthew 7:21-23: “Jesus will cast you out if you don’t obey”

Here is my answer:


Matthew 19:17: “The rich young ruler was asked to keep the Law”


Revelation 12:17 or Revelation 14:12: “Even in the book of Revelation they kept the commandments”


I will not usually be bothered with such allegations, but I think to imply believers do not know what their faith is arrogance. Well, I am not silent. I think the statement displays not only arrogance but also ignorance. I hope those of you who are silent .. speak. 

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