About Job


I don’t believe the theme of Job is about suffering. It is about how a chosen man by God triumph over Satan in the midst of everything that was against him. It is most remarkable to me that God had picked Job before Satan as the man that he should consider. I believe God had faith in Job. Not the kind of faith that you and I are thinking about but the faith of God on Job.

In years to come, God would have faith in one Man. This Man would ultimately triumph over Satan. God has faith in that Man. That’s why he picked that Man for Satan at the Jordan River. Right after that he was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan. He won.

[This part of the note, is my view and it may be wrong] I believe God had faith in His Son. This faith is the faith Jesus used to believe in His father. It is also this faith that caused Jesus to be the author and perfecter of our faith. It is the faith of God in a Man that saves us.

Jesus is that man. He had the faith of God. When he was on earth he transferred that faith onto all of us who chose to believe. That is why he says “Your faith made you well”. What he is actually saying is this “Your little mustard seed faith and now caused God’s faith is you to grow into a mustard tree.” The faith of God was imputed on you when you believe.

So when we read about Abraham’s faith and of Moses’ faith, we are told they are not heroes of faith but they are witnesses (Hebrews 12:1). The real hero of faith is found in Chapter 12. He is Jesus.

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