At home with Jesus.


John 1:39
39 “Come,” he replied. “You will see.”
So they went and saw where he was staying. They spent the rest of the day with him. It was about four o ‘clock in the afternoon.

I think many believers do not know that Jesus actually has a house. The truth he did. In fact he invited Andrew and John to his house. They stayed until 4pm. 

Many of us do not appreciate this. A Jew’s day begins at 5pm. 4pm is like 11pm to Gentile time. 

I believe what John is trying to tell us that he had great fellowship with Jesus that Andrew and he totally forgot about the time until it too late. 

That got me thinking. What kind of host Jesus is? Does he like us hanging out with us? Does he enjoy serving us as guests? Does he enjoy having us in his house? Would we enjoy ourselves in his house? Would he wants us to keep coming back? 

I guess the answer is ‘yes’. I think John could not wait to go back. I think John enjoyed such sweet fellowship until he forgot about the time. 

Dear friends if that is true, have you ever wondered what kind of host God is? If Jesus welcome you to his home, would the Father reject you? If Jesus takes care of you in his home, would the Father kick you out? If Jesus had such sweet fellowship with his guests, why should the Father not enjoy them? 

I seriously think we need to get rid of the ill-presumed ideas of God trying to stop people entering his house or how constantly we think of ways to getting rid of people from church. 

I think Jesus got it right when he said ‘in my Father’s house there are many rooms.’ It has to have many rooms. The Son is inviting everyone. ‘Come’ and ‘You will see’. 


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