Does God care?


I was reading a friend’s note on his departure from Christianity. He said God created the world and had left it to run by his own. This he said when he could not experience any healing for his daughter. While I am sad to hear this I wish to say this. Christmas debunks that.

Christmas is the ultimate answer to whether God has left us alone. He has not. In fact the only ‘leaving’ he did was he left his throne and became a man. By doing that he infused himself with humanity and all of humanity’s problems. This incarnation with humanity would be forever. Till this day in heaven there sits a man. Jesus.

He stepped into time from eternity. The manna of heaven became a man. The light of heaven became a human life.

God did not abandon humanity. He couldn’t anymore. He is now a human. He is human forever. That my friend is what Christmas means to me.

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