Barrenness is not the work of God.

Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you a powerful message about how a couple who stared at death over and over again and how the Lord blessed them. Barrenness and sickness does not come from God. Be very blessed.


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  1. But sometimes God allows them. My husband and I walk the much lonelier road of being childless not by choice. God CHOSE us out of the vast majority who can have kids — 85% — and put us on this road of otherness. Sometimes, God chooses people to be “others.” It’s a high calling because it’s such a lonely calling. So is illness. My mom’s been ill for 30 years. She remains unhealed despite constant prayer. God may not bring these things, but he allows these things for his purposes. God chooses people to be “others” to remind us that HE is God, that we don’t have him figured out, and that we never will. He is sovereign. We are not.

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