Dear friends, 

We are blessed to have reached more than 250,000 hits in the 2 years we have had together. We just would like thank everyone who have visited us and also share our notes and articles. We pray that you have been blessed. We hope that the blog has been glorifying to Jesus and have been full of grace. 

We hope you can just drop a note in our comment box of how you feel towards the blog and about what you would like to see in the future. Thank you.

Jon, CK, Jaz, Glo & Simon


  1. Hi John, CK, Jaz, Glo and Simon.
    Thank you for the awesome Grace and Truth nuggets you keep bringing out.
    What I would like to see in the future is that the post is readable in full in the email box.
    This way people might read it even more because it saves another “click.” 🙂
    You’re blessed to be a blessings!

    1. thank you bro. You can help us with that by joining us by typing your email address in the box that says join us.

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