Why NCC Needs To Build The Star

I came across an article from Bloomberg recently who have no idea what is actually happening in New Creation Church. As such I wish to clarify things. Thanks to Stanley Wong, I pray this would answer some of the accusations made against the church and its Pastor. Joseph Prince.

The Logical Christian

The above report was published on the front page of the free tabloid, My Paper on 10 March 2009. The almost $19 million mentioned in the headline was the amount of money raised by New Creation Church on 15 Feb 2009 which was designated as “Miracle Seed Sunday” for its church members to sow into the new building project at Buona Vista.

I did not read the report from the physical newspaper but rather the online version. The difference between the physical and online version is that the online version allows netizens to post their comments on the report and predictably, there were a lot of mean spirited comments which can be summarized into the following points:

1. NCC does not need to have its own building

When I first attended NCC in 2003, average attendance was about 10,000 but now in 2009, it has nearly doubled to about 18,000…

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