Why do we find it hard to believe we are saved completely



It is only natural when we look into the Bible, we find that our salvation is not secure. I must insist however, the Bible is not a natural book. It is a supernatural one. Hence, it must be read with eyes of a supernatural reborn man. Only then will we receive the revelation that our salvation is as secure as the throne of Jesus. The goal of this book is to change the natural view of our Christianity into a supernatural one.

Our difficulty in seeing our salvation as being secure lies in our inept nature in Adam. We see a loving God as a judge through Adam’s eyes. The sin of taking the fruit of the forbidden tree altered how Adam viewed God. Where was Adam when he felt naked? Where was Adam when he hid from God? Where was Adam when he covered himself with fig leaves? Where was Adam when he was terrified of God?

In the Garden of Eden. In God’s presence. Where did he think he was?


The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil altered his understanding of God. It made him think that he was going to hell when he was in the safest place of all. Today, that view is entrenched deeply in our Christianity. We still preach from that fruit. Hence we see judgment in every clause in our guarantee of eternal security. The problem is this, the effects of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil wore off  when Adam  physically died. Had he been given the chance to eat the tree of life, he would be living in a state of living hell forever. So death came upon Adam. He would otherwise be living a lie forever. He would become the living death. His view of God thus became a veiled one.

Dear friends, we are called to embrace the tree of life and see life in every word of security which have been purchased for us through the eternal blood of the Cross. After all only when we turn to Jesus, this veiled view is removed. This means our focus is not on what veiled us but what takes away the veil- Christ and his finished work.

A great playwright once said, “Never introduce a God until the situation becomes utterly helpless in your play.” The Scriptures states that “just at the right time, God gave us His Son.” It is thus decreed , God saw the helplessness of man and introduced His Son. Yet, in our arrogance we think, we can contribute to our salvation. The Adam in us cries “we have a part.” The truth is that we can contribute nothing. Nothing except death.

So God in His solution to the human problem begins with death of Himself as man. In Adam, death separated man from God. In Jesus death joined us with God. On the cross I died as Adam, am buried with Jesus and seated with my Father at the resurrection. I am given His nature, His Spirit and the mind of His Son. It is this Paul shouts ‘Oh death where is thy sting?’

As such in God’s wisdom, He caused what separated us to become what would eventually  joined us with Him. This book celebrates this union. It is a union that is inseparable. If we cannot contribute to our salvation, we too are helpless in the maintaining our it. Hebrews tells us that our union is base on an oath.

The Bible likens it to a marriage vow and God hates divorce. “What God joins together, let no man put asunder” must be read as “What is joined through Jesus, let nothing put asunder”. Paul in celebrating this union says “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38-39)

Unless we read our Bibles with the view that God hates to be separated from us, we will read it with the view that He wants to be separated from us.. This book compiles and challenge a series of verses of what the Christian had perceived our salvation to be fragile, when it is as strong as God’s unchanging nature and His oath. I am given to understand that this may be the first book of its kind. I am glad it is.

I pray that this book is an answer to those who are “weary and heaven laden” in trying their best to maintain their salvation. Although I cannot give you that rest, I hope the book can remove the obstructions that were placed in front of you  from going to the One who can. There are times, this book became almost impossible to write as the Scriptures does “seem “to suggest that God will banish those who had placed their faith in Christ once but then abandon it. In such moments, I shared Moses’ theological struggle in thinking God would blot his people from the book of Life. My only relief was the Spirit’s answer. It took days. Sometimes weeks. Sometimes months.

The followers of my blog “His Grace is Enough” (hischarisisenough.wordpress.com) wondered why it took much time to debunk each myth of losing our salvation. Listening to the Spirit took patience and struggle to have my mind renewed. Throughout the journey, I had realized these fundamental truths.

a)    Most of the Epistles were written to the Christians who were persecuted by Jews who wanted them to return to Judaism;

b)    The reference “last days” is not about the second coming but rather the last days of Judaism;

c)     Scriptures which seem to predict destruction for the believer are actually addressed to unbelievers. Hence there is a need to take notice  of words such as “them” and “us” when we read such text;

d)   Many believers do not appreciate there is a difference between the ten commandments and the new commandment Jesus gave and how the latter had repudiated the former;

e)    Many believers are under the impression that they have to die to themselves and that whether they be in Christ or Adam depends on how they behave that day; and

f)      Many interpret the New Testament with a Gentile mindset when most of the New Testament writers were Jewish. As such much of what they say are actually references from the Old Testament.

I had pondered for months wondering if I should write this book. I struggled to name the book. My confirmation came strangely to me as I was awoken one night and I saw the words “Can Jesus save you now?” in my dreams. That was how the series “70 myths about losing your salvation” became the pages of this book. I write this so that you may experience a journey. A journey of finding a Judge who judged me in His Son, a journey of finding the God of Hosea and Gomer, a God whose love is stronger than death, a God who would rather die than live without me.

Welcome to Jesus. He can save you and He can save you completely and … eternally.


  1. When I see those bloody feet of Jesus, all i want to do it is kiss them. His love seems like it’s too good to be true…….but it really is TRUE. How He loves me……..how I love Him!

  2. thanks for another liberating edification! all glory to the lamb upon the throne of Grace, amen!!

  3. When is your book coming out? Is it going to be on Amazon? Is the title “Can Jesus Save You Now?”

  4. I have been searching and searching for sites and info everywhere for a primer of sorts that will help me refute the abundance of work based salvation that seems to be everywhere lately. The heresies that abound from not understanding Faith/Grace in HIM alone is mind blowing and am thankful for a source of truth that i can visit. Just got here!

  5. keep writing…, keep posting, keep encouraging, keep confirming, keep on keeping on with Christ. We are changed from glory to glory, and I thank God, for unveiling my eyes and revealing more of His glory to me.. If there are glory levels I am thankful another veil has been removed , and I can see and embrace and believe His grace is more than enough, and Christ has done it all, it if finished, I am growing in the understanding of what this means and seeing it in His Word, almost as if for the first time,. Glory to God!,
    I am setting my eyes on Jesus,and your posts are like water to my soul,so refreshing,enlightening,uplifting and satisfying, and all about Jesus! I thank God, for giving supernatural insight, I am looking forward to reading your book in the near future.

  6. Thank you Simon., You open up a new paradigm of thinking and your writings are so Spirit filled. May the Lord continue to use you to voice His heart. Shalom

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