Does the phrase “even the Devil believes in God” mean works is necessary?

His Grace Is Enough


Dear friends,

I am sorry I have not been blogging. I have just had the most wonderful time telling people how wonderful Jesus is to the grace believers in Philippines. I marvel at how Jesus can use a simple blogspot like this to allow me to preach to more than 4000 people. Thank you Jesus for favour.

I want to address a myth in Scripture today. We have often told that faith is not enough to save you. Most Christians believe that we need to obey the Law of Moses too. They argue that even Satan believes in God and thus faith is not enough.

I was reading this short note in challenge to some of the things I am writing about: “The false grace theology teaches that our eternity and our relationship with Christ is already settled so we can sit back, relax and enjoy God. According to it’s teachings, whether…

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  1. Great word brother. If you read the warning at the beginning of your article on what has been called “false grace” you will notice that the emphasis is on us and what we need to do and not Christ and what He has done. And yes, I am enjoying God and relaxing but hardly sitting back. When someone truly receives Christ, they are supernaturally transformed. Now I want to invest everything in God without a law preacher telling me I have to. Could this new birth qualify as a “work” that accompanies true faith? Why of course.These works are God works not flesh works. By the works of the law no flesh shall be justified in His sight, but We have been justified by faith because God works in us who believe (Rom.3:20 & 5:1)

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