The Sentimental View of Hell

Escape to Reality

Here’s an interesting fact: Jesus preached about hell a lot while Paul never mentioned it by name. Have you ever wondered why?

The reason has to do with their different audiences. Since Jesus mostly preached the law to those under law, it was necessary for him to be a hellfire preacher. Hence his references to the “fiery furnace” (Mt 13:42, 50), the “eternal fire” (Mt 18:9, 25:41) and the fire that “never goes out” (Mk 9:43). As we saw in the last post, the condemning ministry of the law reaches its ultimate expression in the eternal condemnation of hell.

What does that mean for you?

If you are seeking God’s approval through the law, then you need to know about hell. Hell is for “workers of lawlessness,” said Jesus to the law-conscious (Mat 13:42). If you’re going to choose the faithless path of self-justification and law-keeping, you’d better…

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