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His Grace Is Enough

Chewing gum
How is it that it is a crime to sell chewing gum in Singapore but not in Malaysia? It is because Malaysia is a different country. It is the law that determines the crime. The law in Singapore determines that eating chewing gum is a crime. The law in Malaysia doesn’t. The law is however determined by the power or sovereign who creates and executes it.

Similarly when we died in Christ and raised to His new life, we are now transported from this world into the Kingdom of Light. There is also hence a change of government and law. Hebrews tells us when there is a change of high priest there is a change of law. We are no longer under Aaron but Christ. As such what might be sin in this world is no longer sin in the Kingdom of God. This is because it is…

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    My Friend:
    I gave you wrong blog address. It’s

    Please remember that I don’t write the things you’ll find there to “be a good Christian” or to obey God. I’m not afraid of God. I write them because I’ve finally found new measures of peace/joy as I’ve more fully understood the Truth of what this whole world is about. You’ll find that in my writings, I won’t be urging anyone to “do this” or “do that” because God requires it. The peace/joy that is available has nothing to do with behaving in a more Christian way. However, I do believe that the peace/joy I’ve talked about is only available as we understand (remember doubts mixed in with your attempts at faith is normal and common and is what I’ve experienced) and move toward believing The Truth of what this whole world is about.

    Read this carefully: When you get to heaven, you will believe all aspects of the Truth of God. But, here on earth, you can enjoy a fairly heavenly existence (peace/joy) as you come to believe these heavenly Truths while you still live/exist here on this earth. I think believing these things is the only way we have to get some heavenly/peace/joy while we’re still here.

    You must be honest about all your doubts as you wrestle with these issues. Remember that I have struggled FOR YEARS with any/all doubts you have. I can tell you how I dealt successfully with my many doubts as you address them for yourself. Be especially aware of any doubts you have about your salvation. These should be discussed if/when you have them.

    The breakthroughs are coming for you. God says he rewards those who earnestly seek him. And you really are seeking him and have been for quite a while.

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