This just in from Jerusalem.


Dear all,

This just came in. It was reported at precisely 5:55am, the body of a well respected Rabbi who was accused of heretical teaching has been stolen. His followers who had been dejected just days ago have been reported to be in hiding.

6:30am it is reported that a crazy woman by the simple name “Mary” is running around town shouting that this Rabbi is risen from the dead. While many try to attribute her crazy behavior to her former illness, others are trying to figure out whether this woman is still demon possessed.

7:30am. The Rabbi’s closest friend Simon is a confused figure. It seems that John his friend is jumping around the Rabbi’s tomb saying the Rabbi is risen. The man Simon whom the Rabbi affectionately nicked-name “Peter”, was seen weeping after he left the tomb. Last night, it was said that he was in sorrow. Now he sheds tears of joy.

9:00am The whole town has gone crazy. The Roman press is scrambling to the tomb. It is a fact that it is empty. Someone caught hold of one of the disciples, the one they called ‘the Doubter.” He said “Once I was the one who doubted the most, now I am the one believes without seeing. I touched him and I held him.”

10:00 am. The rumor has gone out of control. The Pharisees have been seen attending press conferences with the Romans spinning the news that his body in fact has been stolen. A press reporter then ask this question, “How can a body be stolen when you all had six gladiators guarding the tomb and only 2 ladies went to the tomb?” The mystery deepens.

1:00 pm. There is now a rumor that has come in. 2 people on the road to Emmaus 7 miles away from Jerusalem have reported meeting this Rabbi. This is the furthest that the body of this Rabbi has allegedly appeared.

3:00pm It’s is close to evening, the Rabbi’s disciples have come out of their hiding. Apparently the one they called Simon had a secret meeting with this Rabbi and is no longer the coward a little girl made him to be. It was only 2 nights before that he swore he never knew him before this girl. He is now proclaiming that this Rabbi is the chosen one.

4:00pm. Two Pharisees have held a press conference declaring that they are resigning from the Sanhedrin. Joseph and Nicodemus renounced their faith in Judaism and announced the law has been fulfilled by this Rabbi’s death. It is announced that Nicodemus position has now been taken over by a young and strict man called Saul. Sources tell us, this Saul hails from Tarsus and is a descendant of Benjamin. We have suspicions that he won’t last long too.

5:00pm. It is said that the wife of Pontus Pilate has left the governor’s house and left him. It is also said that Pilate has gone insane. His wife has announced publicly she follows this supposedly risen Rabbi. She calls him by the name Messiah.

6:00pm. Another prominent general, who was said to have been placed in charge of crucifying this “Messiah” has made a public announcement that Caesar is no longer the “Son of God” but this Rabbi is. He is now leading a rebellion and declaring Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Lord!!!!

Dear friends, today marks the greatest day in history. As I type this from 5:55am to now 6:29am, my tears have kept rolling. In Jesus, I have been all the characters I wrote about before. I however am no longer them. Because He is risen, Christ is now me. I am now in Christ. It is no longer I who live. Christ lives as me.

Blessed Easter everyone. Can’t wait to be in church. — with Klnt Kevin LN Tai and 4 others.


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