Escape to Reality

“Are you saying that Adam is greater than Jesus?” This is a comment I often hear from those who preach universal salvation. It usually comes at the end of a conversation like this:

Me: Jesus died and rose again so that we might have new life, His life. Repent and believe the good news!
They: No, everyone is already saved, already righteous, already alive because Jesus died. His was a finished work. Your faith-works add nothing to it.
Me: I agree that His work was perfectly perfect and cannot be improved upon. But grace only comes through faith.
They: Yes, but not our faith – His faith. All the key verses on faith actually refer to the faith of Christ.
Me: I’ll grant that the righteousness of God comes to us on account of the faith of Jesus Christ. That’s Romans 3:22. But read the rest of that verse. It…

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  1. Greg says:

    My Friend if you really believe and understand grace deeply, you will also be gracious to those who do not share in your view/belief.. Instead of attacking their belief why not live peace with all men. No one has a perfect understanding of the Bible.That’s why Grace is not grace if it is not given to those who doesn’t deserve it. Shalom Brother!.

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Dear Greg, I am not attacking your belief. I merely recorrecting what the Universalists claim. They argue that Universalism was the Gospel that was preached by the early fathers until AD500. That is not the truth. Origen was anathemaed for his belief at AD530. When these people mislead others, it is only gracious for us to set things right. Grace is not only about tolerance it is also about correcting what misleads. I am sorry if you feel that I am attacking your belief. That is not the intention.

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