What “deny yourself and take up the cross” really means!

His Grace Is Enough



Denying yourself

I have often received much questions and objections towards the teaching of grace and “resting in the finished work”, by being posed the question “but Jesus said “Deny yourself and take up your cross”. As such, many believers clam, we preach a “laxed gospel”.  Many of such believers, good hearted as they may be, say that the grace gospel deals away with the need to “die daily” and as such, is nothing short of being heretic.

A kind brother even pointed to me that the term “denying yourself” in Leviticus is different from that in Matthew 16:24
24Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

He argues that the Septuagint uses 2 different words in Leviticus and Matthew. For that I am thankful. The word used in Leviticus indicates “to…

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  1. scorchingwords says:

    I believe in the radical Grace message being preached by Joseph prince and others – indeed I have experienced a freedom from a desire to sin in seeing myself as God does, draped in a robe of His righteousness. Opposition theologians fight my position saying there are 2 righteousnesses, our own and Christ’s – this is why Paul tells Timothy to ‘pursue’ righteousness.’

    Why does Paul tell Timothy to pursue righteousness if we are already ‘righteous’ as a free gift ? I understand righteousness can be translated ‘justice’ as well – and pursue ‘set into flight’ – what are your thoughts ?

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