For those who think that God was the one who have us the Law…

His Grace Is Enough

The Law Was Given By Angels

The apostle Paul went even further to show the superiority of “the unwritten Law of Christ” compared to the older Law of God, also called the Law of Moses. Though God allowed the earlier Law to be given to Israel directly, according to Paul and 1st century Jews, it was given through a mediator who was a powerful angel (with the help of many other angels). When the apostle Paul surveyed these historical facts, he was inspired to write that the old Law given to Israel at Mount Sinai was much inferior to “the Law of Christ” taught by apostles commissioned by Christ.

This later Law of Christ was of greater importance, in Paul’s understanding, than the earlier Law of God codified as the Ten Commandments, along with the subsidiary laws given to Moses. This is because Israel was given that early Law…

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