We have been awarded “the best christian blog of the week” for a 4th time on Oscar week!


Dear readers and followers,

We are just so proud to be awarded again the best Christian blog of the week award for a 4th time on Oscar day. We hope the articles and the videos have really challenged your thinking and understanding of Jesus. It is also our hope that the blogs help you to understand that God does not condemn the believer but lives in him through the Holy Spirit. 

As such we dedicate the award to the beautiful person of the Holy Spirit who is constantly our partner, our encourager, our defender and our nuturer. To him, be the glory. The Holy Spirit is Lord. 

We would of course like to thank Cyber-ranger for awarding this award on Oscars day. So here is our acceptance speech.

We also like to acknowledge our wives, Amy, Chermaine, Wai Chong and Jaziel and Gloson’s errr future wives. They have their share with being patient with us. Our Pastor Peter Sze for being an example of grace to us. To Josh Lee for teaching us how to chew. To our good friend Pastor Kenny Chee who encouraged us to blog. To Paul Ellis, you are always to one we look up to as the ultimate blogger. To many Pastors and friends who have invited people to have a look at our blog site. To Bishop Dino who introduce us to the Philippines. To our readers in India and Sharon Divine. Your joy makes us higher. 

Our friends in TNCC who make us believe that a community held by love and grace is a real possibility. My healing partner, Lightman. Your nickname says it all. It is through you I see the supernatural Jesus. To Matthew and June Kang, Michael and Michele Wang, you provided me a home in the land flowing with grace.   To Joseph Prince and Paul Anderson Walsh who sowed and changed our lives. 

To my lovely Amy, 

Your gift is exceptional, you accept me unconditionally. Bear with me, Endure me and still love me. You are the closest person on earth that loves me like Jesus. I am truly lost without you. you are love incarnate. You are the reason I look forward to coming home to.  You are my heaven in my world. Simon.

The guys: Jon, Chee Kong, Jaziel and Gloson. Your friendship means more than the world to me.

Thanking you all again, on behalf of Jon, CK, Jaz and the kid poet. 

Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/His-Grace-is-Enough/112525972171396


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