Escape to Reality

Waiting_for_the_PromiseLast Sunday, near the end of the service, about ten people responded to the invitation to give their lives to Jesus. Of course I was as shocked as you are. I thought, “Who let all these heathen sinners in the building? Don’t they know that church is just for Christians?!”

Of course I didn’t think that!

Yet that is exactly how some people perceive the churches of the New Testament – exclusive clubs for Christians only. Some seem to think that the early churches all had halos around them. But the Bible tells us that the early churches attracted all sorts of people, including legalists, false brothers, false teachers, false apostles and Jezebels. Indeed, a healthy church will always attract sinners and good preachers know this. They know that each week they will be preaching to the saved and the unsaved.

A New Testament for all

The New Testament contains…

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