Escape to Reality

James_preacher_of_graceIt seems everyone has an opinion about James and how his letter fits (or doesn’t fit) into the New Testament. I thought I had heard everything, but this week, one of my readers sent me Scofield’s take on the book of James:

“..his epistle shows no trace of the larger revelations of the church and the distinctive doctrines of grace made through the apostle Paul…”

The implication being that James was not on the same page as Paul when it came to the gospel of grace. Their letters do not line up because James did not get it.

I can understand how a superficial glance at one or two verses in James might give you this impression. But do you really believe that 26 books in the New Testament preach the same gospel message while James preaches another? Paul said if anyone preached a gospel different to his…

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  1. Nick says:

    I told God that I would no longer the book of James as I did not understand it. The way it was taught in most churches, it was full of condemnation, which is not Grace & the teachings are not gracious! So, each I read the New Testamant, I skipped James. Then one day I heard the Lord speak to my spirit saying, “Read James, chapter 1, verse 1.”. This I did immediately & wow! What a revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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