A story about praying in the Spirit.


This article was contributed by one of our readers called James. It is a fantastic read. 

“Tom Woodward was a Christian businessman and a member of an Assembly of God church in Pasadena.  He shared with us how he had come to know the reality and power of the Holy Spirit.

 Not long before, he was showing a Jewish rabbi through his home church one morning.  The rabbi had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and was to share his testimony with a local FGBMFI chapter that evening.
As they toured Tom’s church in Pasadena, it was the time of the men’s morning prayer meeting.  When they came to the prayer room, they passed quickly so as not to disturb the men who were praying.  As they approached the door to leave the room, one of the men began praying very loudly in his heavenly language.  Tom moved on as he was accustomed to this type of prayer.  However, the rabbi lingered at the door.
After a few moments, Tom approached the rabbi to remind him that it was time to continue as they were to speak before a ladies’ luncheon and must first return to the motel to dress.  But the rabbi placed his finger across his lips for silence.  For some then to fifteen minutes Tom waited.  Surely the rabbi had experienced such a thing before.  Tom was growing impatient.
But then as he approached the rabbi again, he noticed that the rabbi’s countenance had changed.  He looked like someone who had seen a ghost.  His complexion was white and he had a look of bewilderment.  “What’s wrong?”  Tom asked.  “Shhhh! Silence!” the rabbi commanded. 
For a full thirty minutes the rabbi stood in the doorway listening intently to the prayer of the man in the prayer room.  After a while there was silence.
“Who was that man praying?  What languages does he know?”  The rabbi queried with demand.
“Why,” Tom said, “he is an uneducated man here in the church.  He knows no languages other than English.  I know him well.  I will introduce you so that you may see for yourself.”
The rabbi then explained that he had just listened to the most beautiful and perfect Hebrew that he had ever heard spoken.  And the rabbi was an astute student of Hebrew.  He said for some fifteen or twenty minutes the man spoke praises to God in the most beautiful psalms in blank verse.
“But the most amazing thing then happened,” the rabbi continued.  “Still speaking in perfect Hebrew, the man switched from the psalms and began calling angels by name and sending them on missions.  Angels were called by their Hebrew name and were sent on specific missions to aid those who needed help.  Some were sent to aid missionaries in trouble, the name and location of the missionary being also mentioned in the Hebrew language.”
The rabbi was visibly shaken.  Never had he even remotely dreamed that such a thing could be possible.  And, of course, Tom Woodward required some time to regain his composure.
After our speaker had finished his amazing testimony, I rushed to him, along with all the other some 150 people, for further information.  I did manage to talk with him at length later that night.  Yes, he was quite positive that the information was accurate just as he had related it.  And, yes, if I so desired it would be possible for me to talk with the rabbi.
Thus, I began my long research and intensive investigation into the ministry of God’s angels.  So intrigued was I that I can remember that Saturday twelve years ago as clearly as if it had been only a few days.  It seems the Holy Spirit so entrenched the message in my spirit that I can remember every word that was spoken…”

Am so blessed. 

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