dear all, tomorrow is a day we must remember, its the birthday of Mr. Jonathan Wong. The administrator of this blog. This is his story into grace.

His Grace Is Enough

It is often said by people who say preaching grace is a very bad thing and that grace will cause you to lose your holiness. These 2 had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Since they were not married, they were admonished publicly. The church also refused to marry them. Since then, they had to deal with condemnation, shame and had almost lost the faith. This was due to their act of immorality, I must state. It has nothing with the said church.

This is a testimony of what the Grace Gospel had done. This is dedicated to those who preach that we have to condemn people for their sin for real repentance to happen. This is simply not true. When sin abounds, Grace much more abound. Read this. This is a remarkable story of how a man and a woman who looked into the abyss of losing their faith…

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