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Thank you for visiting this blog site. We are wondering if we have blessed you with our writings. We would love it if you could you give us your feedback in the comments box of this blog. Thank you.

Simon, Jon, CK and Jaz.


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  1. rick2lacy says:

    Let me firstly thank you for this wonderful site, the apologetics you use for the defence of the message of grace is god inspired, keep preaching the message of grace radically

  2. eillie marshall says:

    Great site, thank-you for it, my only negative is, I find it harder to read on a black background,I don’t know if anyone else feels the same? Paul Ellis “Escape to Reality “blogs are done on a white background so easy to read and take it. Other than that you are doing an amazing job for sure and setting many free .

    1. Simon Yap says:

      We have heard you. Now it’s white. Thank you.

  3. eillie marshall says:

    Thank-you that is amazing and so much better to read and understand x

    1. Simon Yap says:

      With love from Jesus Ellie.

  4. Tracy says:

    From what I have read so far, really enjoying it. Thank you for the effort you put into it. 🙂

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Praise the Spirit. He leads us into all truth!

    2. rick2lacy says:

      It is the truth that set you free my sheep hear my voice Jesus said, and I hear His voice through your ministry

  5. J.A. Roberts says:

    I enjoy all that the Holy Spirit teaches through this blog. Have learned a lot.

  6. Rick Davis says:

    I read it virtually every day. I want you to keep writing. I need teachers in all this. I’ve realized through all I’ve learned that my depression, verbal abuse and bad temper, addictions, etc. are rooted in my sense of self condemnation which has been hidden in my soul for all 30 years since I asked for Jesus’s pardon. For 30 years I’ve believed that a feeling of guilt a failure for my ongoing sins is a necessary discipline to help me to grow. Right now I don’t believe that anymore because of what I’ve learned from JP and from this site. But, I am now struggling with some NEW questions which seem very important to me which are putting me back into depression. I hope to find answers to these questions, too, via your site and JP’s teaching on video.

  7. Simon Yap says:

    Thanks. This is a great encouragement to both Jon and I.

  8. Darryl says:

    Hi Simon, your blog was recommended by another brother. Thanks for the time you’ve put into your teaching. I listen to Joseph Prince a lot and also Paul White, but I never tire of learning about the indescribable gift of grace. I realize more and more that I need it consciously in my life every day to remember the beauty of Jesus and to fill the day with a sense of gratitude. There have been times where I’ve taken my eye off this and He reminds me to get back in communion with Him. We’re reminded to keep our faith simple and it doesn’t get any simpler than the message of radical grace.

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Thanks. I hope you are blessed.

  9. Simon Yap says:

    Reblogged this on His Grace Is Enough and commented:

    Its now a year plus… so we wonder if we have grown

  10. Letitia thian says:

    Amazing articles and refreshing too.

  11. Dan Beverley says:

    So far, just read that one I commented on to you, and watched the one video that went with it. I say, BY ALL MEANS keep doing what you are doing! As I can, I will read your blog and watch your videos because FROM THAT ONE blog, I believe I know I will be blessed by any others I am able to read, and to watch the videos! BY ALL MEANS keep writing, and speaking!

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Thanks. Which video is that?

  12. Tom Bradshaw says:

    i have gained a great deal of knowledge of GRACE and how this impacts my relationship with our LORD , i am old in religion , but new and young in the LORD concerning GRACE . Your blog is helping me along the path to grow in GRACE , thanks and keep it coming , tom

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Welcome Tom

  13. Rene says:

    This site is one of my school in Grace.I learned a lot from you. Thank you very much bro Simon, stay blessed.

  14. Jessica says:

    Hi! My name is Jessica and I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Yap because I’ve only been a Christian for maybe 3.5 years and the majority of it was spent under condemnation that left me feeling hollow and suicidal. Just recently, maybe for the last 10 months, I’ve branched out from the belief of ‘having to earn our salvation’ to being saved by grace through faith not of works. I still struggle with condemnation (and also if I believe ‘enough’) but your articles have helped many the erronous theology and panic attack alike. So with a big, BIG thank you for your artilces, I’d also like to request a prayer for my faith to increase and erronous theology to dissipate. Please and thank you.
    With Gratitude,

    1. Simon Yap says:

      I’m ready this with tears in my eyes. Could you add me in Facebook?

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