We have been awarded best Christian blog of the week.

Best Christian Blog of the Week Award!

I received any email today and it led me to a site http://bestchristianblogoftheweek.blogspot.com/. When I clicked the web link, I was surprised to find out that we were given the ‘Best Christian Blog of the Week’ Award.
I didn’t even know this website existed and that there are actually people out there reading blogs. It was then when I looked at the comments to my blog on 15 April 2012 then I realised that we had been given this award!  
Thank you. Both Jonathan and I are deeply honoured. We believe this is truly by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also a testament of the Grace Gospel that is setting many free. Thank you to all you readers! Jon, let’s keep this up!
Thanking my dear wife Amy for bearing with me when I am spending time writing. Thank you Ps Kenny Chee for encouraging me to pen my thoughts into a blog. Thank you to TNCC for being a great church. Your love is amazing. For Ps. Peter Sze for his encouragement. Thank you Ps. Paul Anderson Walsh and Ps. Joseph Prince for opening my eyes. 

Thank You, Lord Jesus for You are the reason for open heavens.

Simon Yap aka Pauline Theologian.


  1. Rightly so this blog is awarded. I have been following the posts on and off for more than a year or so and it just gets better as the months past… it’s like one never knows there is just so much to talk about on His grace and righteousness until they fully understand that the gospel is about Jesus and nothing about themselves.

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