Every religion has a cross. Only one has the resurrection


Under the Old Covenant, God shows us the power of sin. Under the New, God shows the power of righteousness. In the Old a sacrifice is defiled when touched by the defiled. In the New the sacrifice made the defiled clean.

I think the parable of the talents is actually about New Covenant mentality. The 2 faithful servants had a mentality the Master wants to bless them when they use what they were given. They had an “advance” mentality. The unfaithful servant had a Old Covenant mentality. He was afraid to be punished. He had an “defence” mentality. Too often, we fail to live our lives believing “God is please to bless”. We often live from a position to “avoid being punished”.

Hebrews 2:4 “4 God gave witness to it through signs and wonders. He gave witness through different kinds of miracles. He also gave witness through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He gave them out as it PLEASED him.”

Let us change the way we think and live. That is why we are called to live in faith in the New. In the Old we are called to live under obedience of the law. In the New we are called to live under the obedience of faith. Jesus changed everything.

We must know that we cannot longer defiled by the ungodly under the New Covenant. If we are worried about the contamination of the world we are still having an “old covenant” mindset. The reality is our righteousness is unmovable. Jesus is not the only person seated in heaven. We are there too. We are in an unmovable position. We must live in “New Covenant mindset”. That is not be afraid of the world but to penetrate the world. Not to be afraid about being defiled but that to let the unmovable righteousness clean the defiled.

Every religion has a cross. There is always a form of self denial. Only Christianity has the resurrection. We are not called to carry the cross after the Cross, we are called to live the Resurrected Life not the Crucified Life.

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