10 Differences Between Jesus And The Levitical Priesthood: Cornel


 1.    Working Vs. Resting

The Levites could not cease or rest because there is no end to the sacrifices they had to make in order to mediate for those under law. Jesus finished his work and sat down. He is resting, and in Him so are you. The law will never give you rest, it never ceases to make demands on you. Jesus fulfilled the demands and supplies you with rest! (Heb 10:11-12)


 2.    Multiple sacrifices Vs. Once For All Sacrifice

The Levites had to sacrifice many animals day after day, year after year, feast after feast. It was never enough. Jesus sacrificed one perfect sacrifice for all people for all time: Himself. (Heb 10:11-12Heb 7:27)


 3.    Imperfect Vs. Perfect

The Levites were imperfect because they had to first offer sacrifices for their own sins before they could offer sacrifices on behalf of the people. Jesus is sinless making Him a perfect priest. (Heb 7:27)


 4.    Mortal Vs. Immortal

The Levitical priests were of the order of Aaron, a man who was born and who died therefore they were born and they too died. Jesus is a priest in the order of Melchizedek, one who was not born and who has no end of days, one who has everlasting life. (Heb 6:20)


 5.    Changeable Vs. Unchangeable

The Levitical priesthood changed constantly because they died and had to be replaced by new priests. Jesus has everlasting life thus His priesthood is unchangeable. (Heb 7:23-24)


 6.    Demand Vs. Supply

The Levitical priests mediated a covenant that demanded perfection from you, but could make nothing perfect. Jesus mediates a covenant that supplies perfection for you. He fulfils both the supply and demand on your behalf. (Heb 7:19Heb 10:1)


 7.    Harmful Vs. Harmless

The Levitical priesthood was harmful. They could order your execution under the ministry of death. Jesus is harmless, He executed Himself on your behalf. He is the ministry of life. (Heb 7:272 Cor 3:6-10)


 8.    Shadow Vs. Substance

The Levites mediated in a shadow tabernacle erected by man, a copy of the real one in Heaven. They were only “shadow priests.” Shadows consist of nothing but a distorted appearance of something real. Jesus is the substance, the real priest mediating in the true tabernacle built by God. (Heb 8:2)


9.    Faultfinding Vs. Forgiving

The Levites mediated a covenant that was designed to find faults it could not take away. Jesus mediates a covenant that forgives and takes away all your sin. (Heb 10:4Heb 8:12Heb 10:11)


10. Unpleasing Vs. Pleasing

The blood of bulls and goats offered by the Levites did not please God. Jesus’ sacrifice was pleasing to God. Since His sacrifice pleased God, you are pleasing to God because of Jesus through faith and not works! (Heb 10:5-14)


The biggest difference between these two priesthoods for me is that the Levites ministered from earth into the Holy of Holies whereas Jesus is ministering from the Holy of Holies out into the earth. If you were born in the earth, you had restricted access to the Holy of Holies, but if you are reborn in the Holy of Holies in Christ, you have unlimited access to the Father! (You don’t get zapped…)

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  1. Thank you for posting this; it makes it more amazing when I read words that lift my mind, heart and soul, through The Holy Spirit who reveals more and more of HIM.

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