The difference between grace and mercy

Some people say there is no difference between grace and mercy.

Suppose you killed a man. You exhausted all means to acquit yourself and you failed. The highest court has pronounce you guilty. You await your execution. The king steps in and he gives you a royal pardon. You are suddenly a free man! Your whole criminal record is wiped away! You are given a 2nd chance! Is that grace?

Nope, its just mercy.



The king then says to the whole nation, he makes you his adopted son and thereafter made you his heir. Allows you to dine and eat with him and gives you everything he owns including making you a co ruler….

Now that’s grace!



You are saved by His grace through faith.

You are not saved by His mercy.

That’s the difference between grace and mercy.

It took the blood of bulls and goats to give you mercy.

It took Jesus to give you grace.


God did not have pity on you. He loved you. That’s a huge difference! 


  1. thanks. In other words, mercy is i deserve de execution but he pardon me, while grace, i dont deserve his goodness but he dashed me

  2. Unmerited and uncondition favour is His Grace! His Love for us is so thick and so powerful, is also a empowerment for us to move forward and be a success overcomer and a Winner always! Praise our Lord Jesus! Amen!

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