Experiencing His Presence

By Kim Chang

My mother, Janet, had late-stage cancer. She had a lump growing on the right of her neck since 2009. One day, my cousin Julia brought some friends from her church, tNCC, to pray for my mother. While they were praying, I felt the Lord’s presence.

My father also saw my mother receiving the Lord’s presence as well. So that day, Sept 25, my mother, my father (better known as Uncle Tony), and I accepted Jesus as our Saviour.

Before this, my mother used to have to take a dose of 45ml of liquid pain-killer on a daily basis. But that evening itself, her pain was gone the whole night, and she looked energetic. The pain of her cancerous lump had reduced from severe to minimal pain. During her last two months, she did not require any more daily pain killers!

In her last week, she had difficulty eating her porridge and drinking her milk. Her phlegm was getting thicker, and she had difficulty spitting it out. She had a few sleepless nights and nightmares of spirits disturbing her — I believe that these spirits were not happy that she had fully trusted in Jesus and renounced her previous religion.

Simon, Allan, Eng Sing and Andrew came to pray for her and to cleanse our house. After the prayer and house cleansing, my mother did not have any more nightmares and could sleep soundly. She could even go to the toilet without physical support from us. She told me that her heart was filled with Jesus!

After three days, my mother went home to be with Jesus. On the night she passed away, I could not sleep and cried in my prayer. Eventually, when I was able to sleep for a while, and I dreamed that my mother was embracing Jesus in heaven. The next day, I dreamed of my mother again, and we were having a good time eating at McDonald’s. I was assured that my mother is happy now as she is with Jesus.

Jesus has strengthened me, especially through my mother’s passing. He helped me to let go of my hurts and grief. Although I still miss my mother, but Jesus is helping me to cope with much ease.

God has also been working in my father’s life. When Allan, Pastor Peter, Simon, Veron and Julia came to pray for my mother, they also prayed for my father’s hearing as well. His right ear’s hearing was completely deaf, and he had to rely on his left hearing. Since then, his hearing has been improving. Now his left ear’s hearing is quite sharp and his right ear can hear a little!

Kim shared this at our Sunday celebration on Nov 27.


  1. You have no idea how this message is so comforting..

    3 days ago, a friend of mine, Who is a pastor passed away, suddenly. He was 36 yr old. His death was so unexpected. I was so shock.
    although He is friend not a relative to me, there is unspeakable sadness inside.

    thanks for sharing your experience, now i can relate

    grace and peace

  2. oh, I am not a member of any church. but I do watch recorded sermons online. sometimes we go to different churches with my kids.

    I am praying for Jesus to put me in the right group..

    grace and peace

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